From Chronic Illness to Thriving: My Journey to Creating PrimalRoot Wellness

From Chronic Illness to Thriving: My Journey to Creating PrimalRoot Wellness

Hello again friends! Blog 3 is here and being I got a few inquires on what my story is, I am throwing it in the mix now.

I figured the “why” behind this company and blog is important so it is understood, makes sense and really, when we know why something is, it makes it all the better. This probably will turn into many more blog posts weaving in throughout the blog as I wanted to really just run over the main aspects in this one. Let’s jump right in!

I started PrimalRoot Wellness to help others reach optimal wellness because I don't want anyone to struggle or suffer like I did. I struggled for years with my health, dealing with not only emotional trauma but also physical that contributed to my health journey. It wasn't until I healed myself that I saw how backwards mainstream medicine can be. Yes, there is a time and a place for it, don’t come for me ;-) When it comes to autoimmune, there is really some huge gaps and handled all wrong. I can say this being I lived it.

From a young age, I struggled with severe asthma and needed nebulizer treatments and a handheld inhaler. As I got older, my health issues continued to pile up - painful periods, mononucleosis, EBV/autoimmune, a major car accident resulting in multiple injuries and surgeries, another incident creating spinal cord and back issues, all-over pain, and the last and final diagnosis was CRPS/RSD. On top of it all, I also suffered from severe anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and thyroid dysfunction.

This was taken at the height of my illnesses, right before the diagnosis of CRPS
(complex regional pain syndrome - a nervous system disorder)

Despite all of this, I was successful in my career, yet a functioning pill popper. Between the high blood pressure meds, anti-anxiety, pain killers and more, I was taking close to 10-15 pills daily just to function. There was never any hope of healing, just more procedures to burn the nerves so the pain would stop. I was told I just had to deal with these diseases because they were “incurable”…….. It was just a constant, vicious cycle.

From left to right: my car after getting t-boned/ran over by a F150, piles of scans/MRI/x-rays, various prescriptions 

Fast forward a bit, when I had my first baby boy in my late 20s, I went into remission and felt better than ever. However, my symptoms returned a few years later. I tried to ignore them, but after having another baby boy, the symptoms came back again.

This time, I couldn't ignore it. I had a family and children to take care of, and I couldn't go back to being as sick as I was before. That's when I started researching and came across the documentary "Heal," which changed my world.

Through my own research, I learned about the interconnectedness of the body and the importance of the gut microbiome in healing. This term had never come up in any of my conversations with doctors before.

Since then, I've healed myself of all my "incurable" diseases and haven't had any flares since- going on 6 years now. It's why I'm so passionate about helping others with my Proprietary Protocol- Wellness Blueprint. There is hope and there are answers AND you can control your wellness destiny.

The body is truly magnificent and resilient when given the right environment to heal, and I want to help others achieve optimal wellness just as I have.

When you address the body correctly, it heals and thrives!! Yes, it is true- I have seen this countless times with all the amazing people I have helped over these years, not just myself.

It is as if wellness and healing is made to be so complicated, and friends it is not really at all. I want to scream that from the mountain tops… maybe I will one day

In reality, it does not matter the diagnosis. When you address the core elements, the body does amazing things. It comes down a cohesive full circle approach. Not a handful of supplements, powders or some magic potion. 

SO, the long and short of it is really…. I created this company for you. For people that want to take control of their wellness and destiny. For people that haven’t gotten the answers they needed. For people to see there is hope and their bodies aren’t failing them. For people that are tired of struggling to get through the day dealing with the disruptive symptoms they can’t get rid of. PLUS so many other reasons! But ultimately, I am here for YOU.

I am sure many of you will have questions, so I want allow for that of course. Ask away! I will continue to share my journey more in depth in future blog posts. 


PS. I did write about part of my healing journey in a book that went international called “Absolute Will”- 21 women across the globe got together to create this book, it was life changing on so many levels. 

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I went through the Wellness Program and it was life changing for me. I knew some of your story but not all of this…. Wow. Thank you for sharing your personal story with the world and turning that into a company and program that actually helps people and not false hope.


Wonderful blog! If only everyone who read this got to see your story unfold like I did they would call it miraculous healing! It was difficult to witness you go through all of this as your Mom, but I couldn’t be more proud , to see you go from victim to Victor from being treated by conventional medicine to taking everything into your own hands , researching, studying, connecting all the dots to actual curing and the creating a protocol to guide others to heal themselves! Phenomenal! Keep it going!

Marie A Curcio

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