About the Founder

Hi everyone! So yes, this is where you get to know me.

Nicole M Liammari ~ Founder of

PrimalRoot Wellness (My Gut Hut, LLC)

Nicole Liammari, Founder of My Gut Hut

Illness and struggle struck at a young age for me actually. It then went to multiple Autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression addiction to well all of that in the past.

Little secret, no one ever knew the struggles, I hid all these this inside for years.... I never wanted anyone to see the pain, hurt, betrayal, worthless / hot mess I was inside.... I gave myself an award lol

To everyone, I was the fun, outgoing, smart, pretty,witty, happy and well established one.... and in reality I was broken, tired, hurt, sad, never happy, looking for love in the wrong places after being cheated on repeatedly and always looking for the bigger better....

Grab some popcorn or a stiff one lol.....

Born and raised in WestChester NY, divorced parents and chronic asthma, growing up wasn’t exactly easy.

Years of being on steroid inhalers, various prescription medications for asthma plus a nebulizer, trips to the hospital and the famous visitation aka ping pong- between parents was the norm. Lots of happy times, and lots of trying to figure out life, hurt, pain, confusion and sadness.

During my early teenage years I ended up with Mono that settled in my neck, looked like I had swallowed a grapefruit, but I recovered and forgot about it really not knowing that was just the start again, as I pretty much outgrew my asthma.

I was always in a rush to grow up and move out and start my life, so I did at 17 after I graduated high school. Moved in with my grandma for a short time to help take care of her after being diagnosed with cancer and got a local job as an appointment setter/receptionist and also bartender for a little bit.

I was introduced to a whole new world of drugs and alcohol... that is when the self medicating started.

After moving out, I landed a receptionist position at a law firm as a receptionist and during my approx 1.5 years there I was diagnosed with my first autoimmune Epstein Barr Virus + Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it knocked me on my ass many times but didn’t really “address it”, I was 19 and well, wanted to live life so I did and sometimes I would end up bed ridden.

Decided to go to college, however during first and second semester, both my Mother’s parents passed and I felt I needed to be home closer to my mom during that time thereafter so I did.

Got another position at a law firm and was there for years. I always felt it in me to be somebody, make money and live life to the fullest and craved this independence which is what I strived for.

I dated, a lot but being in a relationship, even though I wanted, never worked out for various reasons. I learned a lot for sure.

My time at the law firm ended and I got another job at another firm. Life was going good and this point I was 24. I had no idea how my life was going to change one day coming home.... I was struck by a truck that ran his red light going through a busy intersection.... I woke up to EMT’s pulling me out of my vehicle.

Long story short.... I had extensive injuries, broken arm, concussion, etc resulted in multiple surgeries, told I would never be able to carry children and was also let go from my position at the firm and the stress really made my body spiral .... what a whirlwind!

But, in Nicole fashion, life went on.. got another job was there for approx 1.5 years, I loved it but I just wasn’t happy and my body could no longer take the cold so I moved to Florida.

Yep, went to visit my mom, decided it was a nice place, found an apartment, went home packed whatever fit in my car, sold everything else, and drove to Florida 2 weeks later- no job just savings. Looking back, sure I was running from my life.. BUT it was the best thing I ever did!

Placed an amazing position at a wealth management firm in Boca Raton, enjoying it all and within 3 months I had another incident where they thought I severed my spine... couldn’t feel my extremities and I had no idea that was the beginning to the most painful, confusing and scary fight for my life as I know it the next couple of years yet the most educational which has brought me here.

My team of doctors couldn’t figure out what was me wrong with me... I didn’t even know what was wrong... all I knew was I was in crazy amounts of pain, my anxiety was off the charts, my depression was up and down, I had high blood pressure, I was popping prescription pills like candy and self medicating with alcohol, weed and cocaine ... And yes, I was still working and putting on the I’m happy face and hiding while I was dying inside thinking wow this is going to be my life.. I just wanted my pain to go away and I could live the life I wanted— but it was swept away from me.

I was finally diagnosed with CRPS- complex regional pain syndrome - my left arm was affected. It is known as the suicide disease because of the pain levels.... it is a severe nervous system dysfunction.My arm and hand would turn pink, blue, purple, swell but hot and cold and the nerve pain was so severe... stabbing like feeling, then the nerves misfiring and even more so like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket.

I had many procedures to burn the nerves.. with needles in my neck but it never lasted... my body was getting so use to the painkillers they kept upping my dose, getting stronger and stronger ... it was not good

Sure I still tried to live my life acting normal much as I could.... during this time I got pregnant ... and wow did I freak out! My docs told me after my car accident that was not very likely... well I was, so I went running to my pain management team and the response I got “ this is great news, the hormones you will create being pregnant, you Will go into remission ..... I was dumbfounded because never once was I treated via hormones...

I went into remission, had a great pregnancy, healthy baby boy, continued working at the firm as a single mother and stayed in remission for 3-4 years. It was amazing.

My symptoms started coming back I just ignored best I could.... happen to meet my now partner in life and I got pregnant again... I decided to leave the firm I was working at... I had had enough of that lifestyle.

Went into remission, although had a very rough pregnancy, ended up having another healthy baby boy and well remission continued until he was approximately 1.5 — the symptoms came back with a vengeance.

Scared out of my mind I started to dig and research because I knew I could never go back to what I was! I had children and someone I loved and I wasn’t about to let that go, so I knew I had to do this on my own naturally as conventional medicine practically killed me.

I remembered my doctor saying hormones .. I went to work, researched the body, how it worked, mindset, vibrations, foods, the gut, past trauma, toxins, etc... it was all coming together.

I got myself into remission within 6 months.

During that time I remember sitting on my bedroom floor crying and saying out loud “ I have to tell my story... all of it” ........I knew in my heart I had to come out with it all to help others through their journey. I cracked the code no one else had and got myself into remission .. it WAS possible after being told, it would never and could never happen by conventional medicine ....

I started speaking on seminars, being interviewed and well here we are! During then I also created my protocol ... all the steps I did to heal myself and started helping others.

We are changing the lives of others globally and the mission is to show everyone struggling.... it is NOT for forever!

Healing is truly within each of us and yes it takes work, but we break that down.

It takes digging deep, letting go, forgiveness- a lot of that and more which is why we created our Programs!

Thank you for reading! If you have any detailed questions, please feel free to reach out!