The Better Bread

Enjoy the taste of home-made bread without all the work!

Who doesn’t love a good piece of bread with some butter?!

Our bread is baked fresh and sent same day, so it's packed without preservatives or chemicals. You may have to hide it in the freezer or refrigerator to keep it from getting eaten up before you can enjoy it yourself!

Unlike the bread found in stores, our Artisan Breads are simple yet delicious and only made with 4 organic ingredients.

Bread flour, yeast, salt, water and herbs (if it is our Italian Herb Round)

  • Irech

    Eating the Italian artisanal bread as toast and OMG it is so delicious!

  • Ruben

    The bread is a 10/10!🤩

  • Tami

    Paul and I tried the Italian loaf and it is quite yummy! We mixed up the seasoning packet with butter and dipped the bread.

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