The Better Snack

Granola Grabits & Date Grabits

Delicious and convienient, our Grabits are your go to for a snack whether you are on the run or just relaxing.

These were created with YOU and your body in mind so only the best ingredients are used.

There is NO junk - aka fillers, additives, syrups or dyes.

Best of all, they taste so good, they are Kid approved!

No matter what you like, we have something for you!

We understand not everyone likes oats, or dates or loose granola. That is why we offer 3 Different Delicious Ways to Enjoy the Yumminess with different flavor profiles. There is something for everyone.

  • Granola Grabits

    These bites of Oat goodness are great for anytime of day! Eat them right out of the bag or put over your favorite yogurt or smoothie bow.

    Great for a kids lunch bag too!

  • Date Grabits

    Not a fan of Oats, try these delicious date bites!

    Great option and just as versatile as the Granola Grabits.

  • Loose Honey Granola

    If you are a fan of loose granola, here you go! This also is versatile to have as a cereal, over yogurt or over your smoothie bowl.

  • Stacey H

    I am a very picky snack person. I need it taste good, and not be garbage. I love Nicole’s Grabits for a quick grab and go option in the mornings or to snack with as the day goes on. I love the blueberry and Choco nut grabits!

    Even my children love them for either pre-workout or after workouts and early morning snacks to grab before school. They love the peanut/chocolate crunch with Protein and the blueberry grabits.

  • Rachell E

    I just LOVE these! Hard to pick a favorite but the Cran-Orange is amazin! The taste of each of the bars are clean and refreshing and not overdone. I appreciate the package is resealable especially for my little ones that might not finish them. Thank you for creating such a smart and healthy option for us mommas on the run!

  • Rhonda P

    I will never buy another granola bar again! The taste, the ingredients, the packaging and the price was all very well thought out and executed. The Protein Grabits hits the spot and doesn’t taste like chalk, like other “protein” bars.

  • Ella M.

    Me and my dad just tasted the chocolate peanut crunch! Sooo yummy. I ate one and then made him try it cause I knew he’d like it. You’re right it’s like candy 🤤 All the grabits are amazing!