The Better Snack

Grab a bag of delicious fun!

You have got to try these Granola Grabits™! They are the perfect snack to keep around the house, in your purse, or even in your gym bag.

Granola Grabits™ are made with real ingredients that are good for you and taste delicious. We use only natural sweeteners like honey and dates, so there is no added sugar or dyes. There is no junk - aka fillers, additives, syrups, etc.


Eating good for your body has never tasted better

You will be shocked at how much better they taste than those other granola bars you've tried before.

They are not too sweet at all - they just have a hint of sweetness from the honey or dates that give it that little kick of flavor without being overpowering like some other brands out there! 

You can eat them right out of the package or over your favorite yogurt or smoothie bowl. The choice is yours! You can’t go wrong because they are so good for you!

  • Rachell

    I just LOVE these! Hard to pick a favorite but the Cran-Orange is amazing! The taste of each of the bars are clean and refreshing and not overdone. I appreciate the package is resealable especially for my little ones that might not finish them. Thank you for creating such a smart and healthy option for us mommas on the run!

  • Rhonda

    I will never buy another granola bar again! The taste, the ingredients, the packaging and the price was all very well thought out and executed. The Protein Grabits hits the spot and doesn’t taste like chalk, like other “protein” bars.

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Disclosure: This is a cottage food operation and not subject to Florida’s food safety regulations.We take the highest care and follow safe food guidelines. We conduct our operation as if it was a commercial facility and have regular inspections and cross checks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

*the location is an animal free*