Food Done Right.

If you know the Founder of PrimalRoot Wellness, you will know she loves food, BUT it has to be quality good food that tastes delicious. For that reason, she created the PrimalRoot Food Line!

She puts a lot of love into everything she does which is why all our food is made with the best ingredients, without any artificial preservatives or additives. Because why should we give up foods we love just because of their ingredients?

Nobody's perfect, but your food can be!So, with all our offerings, you won’t get tired of reading labels and deciding whats okay to eat and whats not. .. Come taste our food and you will be hooked!!!!

Why PrimalRoot Foods?

Without Fail, Our Promise is Always:

> Made Fresh When Ordered

> Quality Ingredients 

> Plant-Based

> Functional Ingredients = Nutritious 

> Delicious

Made Fresh When You Order. That’s How Real Food with Real Ingredients is Done

Disclosure: This is a cottage food operation and not subject to Florida’s food safety regulations.We take the highest care and follow safe food guidelines. We conduct our operation as if it was a commercial facility and have regular inspections and cross checks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

*the location is an animal free*