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ReNew Program 1-1 Mentoring

Take Control of Your Wellness Today

This Proprietary Program is unlike any other as it addresses the entire person, inside and out as it advocates Lifestyle Wellness. No matter the diagnosis, or where you are in your journey, this program meets you where you are and is a compliment to what you are already doing.

We dive deep and cover the 5 core areas needed to create a more happier, healthier + fulfilled you. This is about addressing the entire being as the body is very interconnected. Creating a true lifestyle is what will bring real, true long lasting results.
Depending on the consultation and the selected duration of the program, the Program will include:


  • 4 - 30 week Program (every client is unique)
  • 1 on 1 Private Consultation
  • 2 Assessments that includes a candida questionnaire and a symptoms evaluation
  • Gut Analysis 
  • Post Trauma Evaluation and Correlation Study
  • 6:1 Daily Manual “Little Black Book” Bundle
  • 4 - 14 wholistic strategic planning calls
  • Gut Health Food Product - not a supplement(s)
  • Mindset and Rewire Curriculum 
  • Stress Management Toolkit that includes several proven stress management techniques for the gut
  • Comprehensive Food program which includes a full “gut guide”, label reading education, best foods for the gut directory, cooking instructions and much more
  • Post trauma approach mechanisms that are sure to help heal the mind + body
  • Chakra Education Series
  • A copy of the renowned Dr. Joe Dispenza book called “Breaking the Habit of being Yourself

** Requires consult call, document completion + signed contract**




Initial consult required before purchase.

NOTE: This Program is not medical advice and education only.

PrimalRoot Wellness- My Gut Hut LLC and team are not licensed medical professionals. We do not prescribe medicine or treat patients.

Please consult your Healthcare professional before starting any program.

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