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Kefir Starter Kit

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PrimalRoot Wellness provides everything you need to start making real Kefir at home. All you need to do is grab the milk!

Kefir is fermented dairy that is packed with not only vitamins and minerals but also the good bacteria aka probiotics. Learn more about Gut Health and Kefir HERE.

Don’t waste your money on the store brand Kefir as it is not as diverse and typically contains added sugar, fillers and additives BUT more importantly made with cultures and not real grains, so it is not as effective.

This Kit includes:

-Live Kefir Grains


-Wooden Spoon

-2 Fermenting Mason Jars 

-1 plastic lid

-Muslin top + Rubber-band

-Notepad to keep track of fermenting

-Quick Start Guide / Instructions

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