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Granola Grabits™ - Protein Power

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Our Protein Power Grabits are the new go-to for that plant protein packed snack without that chalky feeling and texture. These make a great addition to your childrens lunch box.

These delicious plant protein snacks are just like our Choco-Nut Grabits, but with addition of organic plant protein that includes, hemp, cranberry, chaga and more ( see below for the full list of ingredients). Sweetened with honey and unsweetened shredded coconut these Grabits will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing your body with essential nutrients!

Our promise to you is always REAL ingredient and never any: added sugar or fillers/additives.


Gluten free rolled oats*,raw honey*,raw almonds*,coconut*,cacao nibs*,pumpkin seeds* vanilla extract*(water, organic alcohol,organic vanilla bean extractives),hemp protein*,sacha inchi protein*,pumpkin protein*,yellow chlorella*, cranberry protein*,chaga*,lions mane*,cordyceps* ,maitake*,freeze dried coconut water,coconut sugar*,cinnamon*,pink himalayan salt**

*organic , ** non-gmo

12 - 1.5 oz Resealable packages

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