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Daily Habit Guidebook + Mini sidekick

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The only Guide you will ever need! It is not your “to do” list for appointments. This tends to your mind, body and soul. Journal with a purpose by implementing the daily habits that will enhance your vitality and help you thrive.

This is our Signature Journal created by the Founder, Nicole Liammari. After creating her Proprietary Protocols, she realized there was nothing on the market that really had it all: meaning the important daily habits to implement to help her clients thrive. 

This Little Black Book isn’t like any other journal / guide on the market as it includes the daily lifestyle habit prompts to help you thrive in your life. A blank canvas to make it your own, but provides each prompt. 


Other journals you would need 3-5 separate ones at $30 each plus a month to create, this all in one. Our journal is prices less and gives you so much more!

If you are looking for one journal that has it all, this is for you!

You get:

60 day Habit Guide

Mini- sidekick (blank)

**If you want to uplevel your experience, grab the Bundle with 2 candles